Utilizing thermoelectric thin-film nanotechnology, the patented COOLFX® system is designed to combat the problems of heat stress. The COOLFX® device weighs from 2 to 3 ounces and is worn in the form of a headband or may be incorporated in helmets, hats or caps and stimulates the brain to alleviate symptoms of faintness and lightheadedness, maintaining mental and physical performance levels.

Trials have shown that COOLFX® Head Coolers are able to enhance physical and cognitive performance levels by reducing the heart rate, lowering core and skin temperature, and reducing fatigue.




- Decrease in heart rate

- Lowered core and skin temperature

- Lessened fatigue / Added endurance

- Reduced perspiration / Less fluid loss

- Improved thermal comfort- Elevated health and safety levels

- Enhanced physical performance


Reference: Clinical Trials by Dr. Rachel Leach and Dr. Rich Ingebretsen for COOLFX® and external programs by Dr. Carrasco, Dr. Gonzalez, Dr. Nick Neave of University of Northumbria UK