Strategic Partners

Our partners include product manufaturers and technology developers. We are activley engaged in licensing and development activity to bring our COOLFX® technology to market in both new and existing products. Under our US and International Patents we have licensed the Canadian Company, Alexander Medical to launch their groundbreaking Menopod™ menopausal symptom relief device into the global market in 2014.


Technology Applications Inc. of Boulder, CO are partnering us by coordinating the Research & Development program for our COOLFX® prototypes.


“Felt cooling sensation for the whole of the ascent, which seemed to help me continue to work at a very high intensity. Also my average heart rate was 5 beats per minute lower than the first lap.”

“The efficiency felt like it was increased with increased airflow and that positioning the COOLFX® over the temporal arteries could potentially improve efficiency.”

“I had an initial hit of cool and then settled in, wearing it for 45 minutes total, most of the time at its highest setting and it never felt too cool.”
“Don’t feel as hot and sweaty as I normally do at this point. Overall, I felt better during the entire hour than I usually do. A definite, generalized consistent cooling effect could be felt the entire workout. I achieved a complete cool down a little quicker than usual as well. Seems like it’s working a little to stabilize body temperature – making it so it takes a little longer to get REALLY heated up.”
“Still feels good. It’s a “comfortable” feeling. Makes me feel like maybe I want to exercise a little longer than I usually do. Once again, a definite, generalized, consistent cooling effect could be felt the entire workout.”
“As we start to move through what is surely to be an exciting period, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you guys! Every time I work out now I am envisioning how KOOL it will be to have my own COOLFX®”
“COOLFX® reduces your heart rate and lowers your body core temperature during exercise”