Personal Cooling for Safety

Comfort &


We've developed a groundbreaking personal cooling technology and we're excited to introduce it into your products. Our patented COOLFX® technology will revolutionize your product line, delivering unique benefits for your target market. Want to know more? 


During a vacation in Southern Europe, Architect & Inventor Peter Arnold was inspired by the immediate benefit and welcomed refreshment he experienced when rolling a cool can of soda across his forehead.


The potential for COOLFX® technology is only limited by one's imagination. Various applications for the technology range from increasing saftey, comfort, and performance in many different industries.


Utilizing thermoelectric thin-film nanotechnology, the patented COOLFX® system is designed to combat the problems of heat stress.

Developing cooling solutions for you.

The COOLFX® team is ready to make your ideas a reality. Our team can help in the areas of ideation to develop solutions for your problems with personal heat, product develoment to take your product from an idea to reality, and technology licensing to bring COOLFX® cooling technology into your products. Our Patent portfolio is expansive and will provide value across the globe. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

3. Technology Licensing

2. Product Development

1. Ideation

Let's keep it cool.

Ideation Whether you have a specific problem due to excess metabolic heat or a potential application of personal cooling technology, COOLFX® can develop solutions through creative Ideation. This allows your team to focus on their core competency, effectivley reducing risk and your scope of operations to run your business leaner.


Product Development Personal cooling has extrodinary benefits in a large variety of applications, many of which are currently under research or yet to be found. COOLFX® can develop solutions for integration into your current products to bring new benefits to your customers. Our engineering staff here at COOLFX® is ready to take your products to the next level of safety, comfort, and performance.


Licensing In this global economy it is ever important to protect yourself domestically and abroad with extensive patents for the IP in your products. COOLFX® is focused on licensing our unique cooling technology to allow for protection in your respective global markets. Our team can work with you to develop solutions to your problems with excess metabolic heat as well as to license the technology needed to make these solutions a reality; a full circle of services to make your products cool.